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We prefer your company check or can also  take all major credit cards and PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to send payment via credit card, however.  All Automatic recurring Hosting & Maintenance are managed only by credit card as of 9/2016
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  1. Purchase orders are acceptable from municipalities only.

  2. Below find some standard system costs as a guideline.
    However, wait for our official quote for exact prices for your system.

These prices are posted here as a guideline only.
However, please request a quotation after speaking to the sales person.

Preventive Maintenance Software

License & Setup

Maintenance &
Hosting Recurring Yearly

EPM 10 Shop viewable on  FIlemaker, Web, iPad, iPhone  25 connections
Includes 1 copy of FileMaker yearly
Buy License + Maintenance subscription


(Get additional FileMaker pro separately at filemaker.com )
We recommend 1-5 copies of FileMaker for an EPM 10 shop installation.





Public Works/Town Software



PWM Small Town + Buildings Department Includes FileMaker



PWM Municipalities+ Buildings Department



Custom programming, additional training are estimated using a spec sheet. $120/Hour  
FileMaker Hosting & support and backup for your own files   $30/month
Pay any amount here:   https://www.paypal.me/Municipalnets

Prices include technical support, backups, hosting, and video training.

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