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Preventive Maintenance of Equipment Policy Template for Schools

1. Purpose -- The Preventive Maintenance Program as viewed by the TDCJ-ID has as its purpose the goal of establishing an effective tracking system that will encompass all equipment assigned to the ___________________________ School District, and the goal of reducing the occurrence of equipment failure. 

2. Reference -- The ___________________________ School Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program was adapted from the Preventive Maintenance Program, (Administrative Directive 10.25) used by FacilitiesMaintenance and other departments of the TDCJ-ID. 

3. Equipment to be included -- All equipment assigned to the ___________________________ School District, in vocational or academic areas, which, when in a state of disrepair, could compromise the safety and/or health of employees or students, will be covered under this policy.  Also included is equipment belonging to contract vendors for educational services, such as colleges and universities.  Appropriate documentation to satisfy the tracking system will be provided by the college staff. 

  • Note: There is a widely accepted industry standard that establishes the lower limits of an equipment list.  This standard indicates that equipment with less than one horsepower is excluded from the preventive maintenance tracking system.  However, if in the judgment of an instructor, principal, safety officer, or unit representative, a piece of equipment is identified that exceeds this standard, and would compromise the safety or health of the employees or students if left unrepaired, then that equipment will be included on the list. 

    4. PM Records -- The following PM records will be established and kept on the equipment that meets the criteria mentioned above. 

      a. .Equipment Description Card -- Each piece of equipment that meets the above criteria will have an Equipment Description Card completed by the supervisor or vocational instructor in charge of using it.  This card will contain detailed information that will be used to identify and track the useful life of the equipment, and will also include the frequency of recommended PM.  (See 11.10-1.1) 

      b. Maintenance Yearly Log -- The principal of each campus will cause a yearly log to be kept that reflects the repair history of each listed piece of equipment.  Whenever a piece of equipment is sent in for repairs, or when a repairman comes to the unit to make a repair (as per the ___________________________ policy 11.10-2), the transaction will be recorded in the log.  This is the same yearly log required by Administrative Directive 10.20.  (See 11.10-1.2)



      c. Daily PM Reminder File -- From the Equipment Description Cards, the principal will develop a Daily Reminder File.  This file will be checked on a daily basis to determine if there is any PM scheduled for that day.  If there is PM scheduled, the principal will inform the instructor in charge so that the PM can be done.  It is important that the PM is actually done in accordance with the technical manual pertaining to each piece of equipment and not just paper maintenance.  (See 11.10-1.3) 

      d. Material Requisitions -- In the event that material must be ordered to repair a piece of equipment, the normal ordering procedure outlined in Section 11.10-2 of this manual will apply.  The only addition to the procedure will be to include the order number on the yearly maintenance log. 

Repairs to Equipment - ___________________________/TDCJ 11.10-2 

There are three methods of securing repair of equipment: 

    1. Equipment repaired by an outside source at vendor location (This procedure concerns portable hand tools and small pieces of equipment) 

      a. The principal, or his designee, completes the Temporary Fixed Asset Transfer Form (BU-89), one form per item (See 11.10-2.1).  The unit is responsible for completing this form identifying the item by description, serial number, and property number.  A statement concerning the problem with the item is required.  The unit name, code number, and name of the class the item is assigned to must be stated.  A notation of this transaction will be made on the ___________________________ yearly log and a copy of the BU-89 will be attached.  (Note: Not just vocational, but name of specific class such as welding.) 

      b. The distribution of the BU-89 Form copies should be as indicated on the bottom of the form. 

      c. When received at the Warehouse, the form is checked for completion and filed in that unit's folder.  The item is then delivered to the appropriate repair dealer who gives us a repair ticket. 

      d. The dealer repair ticket is returned to the Warehouse and attached to the BU-89. 

      e. The repair dealer notifies the Warehouse when repairs have been made or sends notification that the item is irreparable. 

      f. The item is picked up after repair and returned to the Warehouse, correlating this with the Purchasing Office for payment.



      g. The Warehouse completes the BU-89 by adding the date the item was returned as well as the given Purchase order number for future reference. 

      h. The repaired item is then returned to the unit along with appropriate copies of the BU-89 Form.  The notation on the ___________________________ yearly log will be closed out at this time.  The completed copy of the BU-89 will be attached. 

      i. Should the item in question need to be deleted, this is so stated on the copy.  Upon receiving this, the unit should initiate a deletion request to the Warehouse so appropriate people can be contacted to finalize this procedure. 

      j. Six weeks after transferring tools to the Warehouse for repairs, status checks can be made by calling the Repair Coordinator - Education Warehouse. 

    2. Equipment repaired by an outside source at unit location (This is applicable to equipment in need of repair which is considered stationary, i.e., air compressors, table saws, planers, drill presses, etc.) -- 

      a. If a stationary piece of equipment needs to be repaired, the principal or his designee will call the Repair Coordinator or the Warehouse Supervisor and give the following information: Type of equipment, brand name, model number, inventory number, serial number and location. 

      b. The principal will fill out a ___________________________ maintenance work request and assign a unique and sequential number. 

      c. The appropriate vendor will be contacted and a specific date and time for him to be on the unit will be established and unit personnel will be notified. 

      d. After work has been completed, the principal or his designee will sign the work request and forward a copy to the Education Warehouse so the accounting process can be completed. 

      e. Should a vendor not be available for repair at unit location, you will be notified as to what procedure to use for repair. 

    3. Minor repairs to equipment performed by the instructor at the unit location. 

      a. If, during the instructor's regular daily inspections, he discovers a minor deficiency that can be corrected on the spot, the instructor is to do so and no entry is needed on the daily log.  (See AD-10.20).  If, however, the repair is more serious, the instructor is to ship the equipment for repair as per ___________________________ policy.  This event will be noted on the instructor's daily log and on the ___________________________ yearly maintenance log. 

      b. If during any safety audit, a deficiency is noted by the Safety Officer, other actions are required. 

        (1) If the repair is minor, and the instructor elects to repair it on the spot, a Work Order must be initiated by the instructor doing the work.  This will be done on a regular work request form and the request will be given a unique and sequential number by the principal.  All sections of this work request must be completed, including the time and material used.  The information on this work request, including the number assigned, will be noted on the ___________________________ yearly log. 

      Note: If the repair is done on the spot by someone other than a member of the ___________________________ staff, it is the responsibility of the instructor to make sure that the repair person initiates a similar work request.  It is the responsibility of the principal to enter the work request generated on his yearly log. 

        (2) If the repair is of a more serious nature and the instructor does not feel that he is qualified to perform it, the equipment will be red tagged, taken from service, and shipped in for repair as per ___________________________ Policy.  This event will be noted on the ___________________________ yearly log and the Departmental Invoice number will be entered in place of the Work request number.  It is imperative that when the equipment is repaired or deleted, this event is also entered on the log to close out the entry that reflected the original repair request. 

Repairs to Equipment - College/University 11.10-3 

The college instructors are required to comply with all TDCJ and WSD administrative policies in the area of repair and maintenance of vocational equipment and facilities. 

    1. The college instructors are expected to read and become familiar with TDCJ

      AD 10.20, 10.25, and the ___________________________ Policy Manual. 

    2. The procedures outlined in these documents will be discussed with the ___________________________ Principal and strictly followed. 

    3. The specifics of the physical repair procedure will remain the responsibility of the college or university as long as they do not compromise the audit trail established by the TDCJ and ___________________________ policies. 

    4. The college instructors will be expected to furnish the same documentation required of the ___________________________ instructors.  The college request for repair or maintenance will be treated as if it were a TDCJ or ___________________________ Request for Maintenance regardless of what it is labeled. 

    5. Any specific documentation required by the colleges or universities to satisfy their own accounting system will be in addition to the documentation required by the TDCJ and ___________________________ policies.

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