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GOOGLE MAPS - ARCGIS Multipin and Single Pin Mapping.

Single Workorder Mapping

Each workorder in our product Public Works manager is mapped using Google Maps interface and provides instant directions.  The map for the workorder can be viewed on all of the devices and links directly to the Google directions to provide a route.  This map can also be printed. The map is easily accessed using the Map tab or button and you do not need to exit the application to see it. It is embeddd into the application.

Multi-Pin Mapping Google Maps & ArcGIS

Google Maps Multi-Pin Application

The Google Maps Interface application, dynamically displays multiple pin maps of the workorders currently being displayed.  This application is useful for providing directions and routes to the workers as they service the workorders.  They may also instantly close a workorder as they pick it on the map. This mapping application can also create maps of any geocoded piece of equipment and put pins on that map as well. Geocodes are easily imported using one field. The application will geocode any address that is missing coordinates.  Geocoding is free with Googlemaps up to 25,000 workorders, and after that the fee is marginal and it is the most economical choice if you wish to create maps of workorders.

ArcGIS Mapping application.

The ArcGIS layering application allows you to create a layer on your ArcGIS map containing any subset of the workorders.  We can also provide this layer to any of your apps. This layer is created using a script within your application that allows you to droop the results into your map as a layer.

Our team can create other applications as well.

(Upcoming:  We will are developing a new dynamically updated layer of your workorders and an app that will interface with PWM on all apps. )

Here is an example map created in 5 minutes by simply running a script on Public Works manager and drag and dropping on a ArcGIS map.

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