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 filemaker products and services

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Preventive Maintenance Solutions

Public Works & Town Solutions

Content Management for any device
Our preventative maintenance products track scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, manage parts and track work order histories.  These products allow you to reach the goal of predictive maintenance, optimizing resources to prevent breakdowns.

With FileMaker 13, our product can now be accessed on desktops, tablets, phones, Windows and Macs.

Towns have been depending on our FileMaker driven products for the last 10 years. Our solutions are fully customizable and we do all of the maintenance and hosting. Towns love our affordable prices and flexibility.

With our products, they can transition to a paperless system at their own pace within strict budgets.

NEW!  Google and ArcGIS multi-pin Mapping

O&M Writer is a program originally designed for wastewater and processing plants. 

The templates sets up your manual and provides valuable content, originally for wastewater including numerous safety programs. 

You can write your manual using an iPad and take advantage of text to speech, to fill in the blanks.

You can bring the completed template to our server and display it on any device.

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FileMaker Pro Hosting

Development & Training

Our solutions are hosted on fast FileMaker 13 servers. Our servers back up data daily and are available 24 x 7.

You can access your solutions from web browsers, FileMaker applications for Windows, Free apps for iPhone and iPads and from other devices that have browsers built in.

We can customize a system that is secure and accessible.

We provide help files and video training for all of our solutions and will generate custom videos to address each of our clients needs.

We also develop extensions to the software and manage your data. If you need to manage big imports, exports or data transformations, we are available to make the process fast, and professional.

With all products

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