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Public Works Software can be shared with your entire staff and is accessible on mobile devices.

Public works software tracks all of your workorders, materials, and personnel time for every department. 
Creates maps of your workorders and provides directions to the site.

Easy to learn, and manage, you can configure it in house.

Latest videos: 



Update 04/05/2016: New multi-pin mapping extension lets you pinpoint a workoder by address or by GPS location coordinates.  Great for maintenance of pipe networks. Capture your GPS coordinates with an iPhone or iPad with just one click. Ask for a demonstration.  This software extension was provided under special contract by our partners,  Seedcode and is available as an add on. Inquire for a demo.

UPDATE: FileMaker 14 servers support iPhone, iPad, Chrome tablets and Android devices as well as Windows and Macs using IE or Chrome.  Your data available everywhere with full per user security you can manage yourself.

How to learn about the program:

  • For articles and the latest videos, visit our blog at http://municipalnets.blogspot.com

  • We run webinars regularly. Sign up to the left and you will receive our latest webinar invitations. If you can't attend, we send you a video. But join us, so you can ask questions and get immediate answers.

  • Download our PDF data sheet. PWM12.pdf

For a 30 day demo on a live database, call me at  (888) 223-7970 or email me at information@municipalnets.com

Let us show you how it works in a few minutes. You can run your free trial after the training.

Public Works Departments:

  • Eliminate paper, improve response time, control your budget
  • Download work orders and close them from our server with an iPad or iPhone. Use FREE FileMaker Go to display the database.


Cut costs by centralizing all your departments!

  • PWM 12 delivers work orders for each department, electronically or by paper. Each department can have their own custom forms. Integrate the program with EPM 12, to create separate preventive programs for your WWT and Water treatment plants.

Economical, Powerful, Dependable

  • More than half million work orders processed without a hitch

  • iPhone and iPad support free with hosting

  • Centralize all of your departments and save

  • Integrate with Preventive Maintenance and Buildings Department Modules already built

  • We can build any module to integrate with this software at reasonable costs.


  • Lowest cost on the market. See our prices.

  • Secure connection with our FileMaker 13 clients.

  • FileMaker 13 means you can add your own screens, fields or configure more reports.

  • Free configuration and customization of forms.

  • Our FileMaker 13 server can handle heavy duty processing.

  • All your users can access it from anywhere on any PC. iPhone and iPad support as well.

  • No extra expense. Just buy and connect, get started immediately.

  • Configuration in 2-3 days. Customization in 1 - 2 weeks.

  • All your departments can share the work order database.

  • Each department can have their own forms with configurable picklists.

  • Access the data with FileMaker 13, for security and flexibility.

  • Support included in the monthly fee. We take yearly PO's.

  • No limit on number of records.

  • Free backup and archiving.

Standard features:

Workorder dispatching:

  • Workorder Manamanent for unlimited Departments each with its own custom forms

  • Centralize Workorder displaching and management

  • Workorders can be accessed on mobile devices, emailed or use paper.

Materials and Labor Tracking

  • Close workorders and log materials and labor.

  • Track schedules

  • Special tracking for water meters, animal control and custom forms.

Tracking Reporting

  • Easy built in reports track workorders and materials.

  • Customize reports with FileMaker Wizzard.

  • Support for customized reports for regulatory purposes.

  • View instant reports on line.

Citizen's Webpage

  • Custom Citizen's web page

  • Instantly see web requests and service them.

  • Customize any time

Buildings Department Module

  • Tracks permits and inspections

  • Customizable - optionally link to document management for drawings, etc.

Specialty templates for Workorders

  • Animal Control

  • Meter installation and reading

  • Waste management

  • Streets

  • Wastewater

  • Fleet Management

  • Create your own...

Many more features for searching, exporting, importing, custom screens and much more.

Integrate with our Preventive Maintenance System

More features... please call for the demo.

If you wish to purchase go to our purchase page.

City of Brawley Implementation

We have more implementations to show you.

The City of Brawley in California needed a way to "organize their office". They had several departments that dispatched their own personnel. Centralizing was a good way to save money. But each department wanted a different form.

We designed a set of departmental forms that could be generated from a basic set of data within the database.

Each time a work order was called in, it was logged and a paper work order handed to the workers. They completed these by hand and the output was entered by the central operators.

Eventually they moved to electronic management, with mobile devices.

The system also tracks the materials used and their man hours.

They have been running this system since 2005. The historical database rarely needs to be purged or archived, as FileMaker manages to handle the load with ease.



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