Preventive Maintenance and Public Works Software for FileMaker

FileMaker Custom Programming

We provide unique FileMaker solutions for Preventive Maintenance and Public Works Work Order and Asset Management.

Our company can also create business applications that run on any device and can be shared with your staff.

Aside from the popular solutions below, we can work to configure other applications by third party vendors, starter solutions and create applications for all kinds of business workflows.

Contact us to find out more and let us quote your applications.

Our most popular solutions:

Easy Preventive Maintenance 12

The best preventive maintenance product for FileMaker pro, it can serve hundreds of users on any device.
The Power of FileMaker for your business will improve your maintenance at low cost.

  • Supports multiple locations in one file
  • Rolling schedule with calendar
  • Integrated parts inventory
  • Historical data analysis and charts
  • View on any device on the go
  • 24×7 servers with automatic backup
  • Desktop version available, upgrade anytime.
  • Customization and integration
  • Reliable, powerful and economical
  • Start doing preventative maintenance today and save your company money.

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Public Works Manager 12

This product is ideal for small towns looking to automate at low cost. This FileMaker solution can be shared by your entire staff and supports all of your departments with different forms and workflows.  Lots of features, low cost.

  • Supports multiple departments
  • Unique forms for each department
  • Centralized database
  • View, create and close work orders anywhere on the go.
  • iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac and Web support.
  • Integrated Citizen’s website to enter work orders directly into system.
  • Timesheet and calendar options
  • Customization and integration
  • Work order management

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Preventive Maintenance Guide E-Book
Preventive Maintenance Guide E-Book

Free Preventive Maintenance Book

When you request a free demo, you will receive a complimentary copy of Preventive Maintenance Guide.

This book will help you get started with your preventive maintenance program.

To get the book, go to our landing page here: