About Us

Lidia LoPinto, MChE

Free with a demo and also available on Amazon

Owner is a chemical engineering graduate of Manhattan College.

Her first career, before joining the IT world, was environmental engineering for major chemical manufacturers and municipalities.  She developed numerous safety and operational manuals for wastewater plants around the country, and designed and managed the construction of major environmental water treatment facilities, as well as designing chemical processing systems.

She has been selling and developing software for municipalities and industry since 1993. Her firm, CAE Consultants Inc. is based in Long Island, minutes from New York City.  Her business is a Woman Owned Business Enterprise and she has been serving government since 1983.

Lidia has been an IT consultant for major corporations and has provided products and services for a large list of municipal clients and manufacturers. Lidia has written a book titled Preventive Maintenance Guide, to help users get started with her program EPM, and it is also available on Amazon here and a PDF version obtained free after our demo.  You may reach Lidia at  (914)963-3695 or find her on LinkedIn 

 Gil Briggs

Sales Consultant

Gil 12 years experience in Sales Account Management for a learning management software company and 36 years total experience in the petrochemical industry and process operations, plant start-ups, and supervision. Experience included the implementation of process safety management, quality processes, and the piloting of the computer-based training and document management software. He has worked for:

Gil comes to us with tremendous operational experience, suitable to the products we sell. Prior to going into technical software sales he spent 28 years experience Amoco-BP in operations division. Supervised 8-10 process technicians in start-up and operation of slurry process and gas phase Polypropylene/Polyethylene copolymer unit. Later supervised 3 process technicians and 1 pipeline controller in the safe operation of 9 salt dome underground product storage wells Monitored complex South Texas/Gulf Coast pipeline flow including product dryer operation , brine system operation, and routine well MITs as required by the State of Texas. Qualified in most chemical industry safety related procedures through the comprehensive training offered by BP/Amoco. Proactive in the development, updating, monitoring, and training of employees in new and existing safety procedures that included Hazop, Hazardous waste, OSHA 1910 – Process Safety Management, Spill Training,Material Safety Data Sheets, and much more. Developed and updated standard operating procedures, blind-lists, and documents necessary for ISO 9000 certification. Successfully participated in certification audits.Supervised the successful transition of polypropylene unit to copolymer operation and installation of debottleneck projects, process changes, and product separation projects.