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All of our products also contain two help files:

  1. The database application file contains text that relates to our application and can be printed as a document and annotated. The help files for our applications are found by clicking buttons within the application frame. This help file explains the rules of the system and how to use it, but it assumes you understand basic FileMaker pro search functionality.

  2. FileMaker support is available by clicking the Help menu item along the top and videos are available at Most of the functions you will need are covered in the help file that can be found along the top of the FileMaker application, last tab. This help file cannot be printed.  Manuals that explain advanced FileMaker Pro functionality are available from third parties on Amazon and additional training is available from

Need personal training?

  • All of our installs come with a 45 minute remote session.

  • Additional sessions can be purchased at $120 per session.

  • We are happy to help your employees get started with the software.

Need customization?

  • All of our products are customizable. We can create new screens, formats, add fields, tables or build entire applications for the web, PC, or mobile devices.
    Contact us for a quote at (914)963-3695.

Web Portals Customization

  • FileMaker   allows user to run FileMaker on a web browser. It support most functions except  printing reports, although you can view them on-line and print from your browser. Each client may want a different look and feel for the browser users, that may exclude admin functions or limit functionality and views.  You can configure a public web page, or department portal.