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These documents are all required in most states and this program makes it easy. Why spend thousands when you can do it for less than $700 yourself.

Organizes and stores every detail about your plant

With this program, you enter all of the information about the processing plant, including equipment, parts, descriptions of units, and equipment, functional diagrams and much more.  You have a place for everything and the system will display this on line to other users. An electronic manual that is a true database.

Ready content for your wastewater and water plant

This program is filled with lots of pages of content that is specifically geared for wastewater and water plants.  For example, health and safety chapters that include the chemicals used in these plants, over 200 pages of ready made content. The original program was designed for water and wastewater. So just input your own equipment and drawings, and edit our text.

Write SOP’s like a pro automatically. Generate SOPs fast

Not only is there a form to get all the data for an SOP and the diagrams, but there is an SOP Wizzard, that ensures that anyone can create a good step by step SOP without any training.  Write them like a pro, jus follow the screens.

Creates a great paper manual in two formats with one click

Once you complete the manual, click print and the entire manual is compiled, including covers and dividers and SOPs for every area of your plant.  Illustrate the manual with photos, drawings, video. Put it in a three ring binder and still you can view it in database format on line. No need to export to PDF, just view on line.



An entire set of safety programs is included.
These are all required by your plant
 and should be a part of your documentation.

OSHA Plans Available Written Plan Databases Training
Health and Safety Plan X X X
Confined Space Entry  (189.00 value) X Permits, Personnel, Signs, Locations X
Hazard Communication X MSDS 200 chemicals and add your own X
Blood Borne Pathogens X
Laboratory Plan X
Emergency Preparedness X
EPA TRI Database Track emissions