How to buy our products and price guidelines.

  • You can purchase our products by credit card, check (preferred) or PayPal.
    (You do not need a PayPal account to pay via credit card.  However if you prefer to use a credit card instead of a check, there is a 2% surcharge. )
  • To obtain a quote, please contact us  by phone at (914)963-3695  or request a demo.
  • Purchase orders are acceptable from municipalities only.
  • Below find some standard system costs as a guideline.
    However, wait for our official quote for exact prices for your system.

Price Guidelines:

These prices are posted here as a guideline only. Please request a quotation after speaking to the sales person.

Pay any amount here:   https://www.paypal.me/Municipalnets License & Setup Maintenance
EPM 10 Shop
Viewable on  FIlemaker, Web, iPad, iPhone  25 connections Includes 1 copy of FileMaker yearly Buy License + Maintenance subscription (Get additional FileMaker pro separately at filemaker.com )We recommend 1-5 copies of FileMaker for an EPM 10 shop installation.


PWM Small Town + Buildings Department Includes FileMaker $3000 $1200/year
PWM Municipalities+ Buildings Department $4000 $2500/year
Custom programming, additional training are estimated using a spec sheet. $40/Hour
FileMaker Hosting & support and backup for your own files $30/month