Technical Writing Services for IT and Industry
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What we do

We have 30 years of technical writing experience in the Information Technology and other industries.

We create the content you need to document your IT project. With 30 years of experience, we can tackle any IT project or industrial document and we  generate your documents quickly and economically.  We can handle single documents delivered in one day, or complex projects requiring a team of writers.  All projects start with a detailed proposal and estimate of resources and time for delivery.

How we work

Technical writing projects, under are managed through our channel at 

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Our platform allows you to manage your project and order in increments of as little as one page.  You can order from anywhere in the world in any currency.

Types of documents

  • SEO Friendly WP articles
  • User guides
  • Training guides
  • Architecture documents for internal use
  • Business requirements
  • Business process descriptions
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Operations and maintenance manuals
  • Software update documents
  • Business proposals
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Compliance documentations (credit card security, ISO, others)

My professional resume is found here:

My partial professional portfolio is here: 

Some of our projects

  • Sandata: Delivered requirements documents for data warehousing and reporting within HIPPA compliant healthcare applications.
  • ACE Medical Software: Account development, and demonstrations of EMR software for small medical practices.
  • APG: Delivered business requirements and architecture documentation for AIS (Accounting Information System) data warehouse solution involving Cognos reporting from Oracle database system with staging, and MDM.
  • Municipalnets Software: Designed software for municipal clients using the FileMaker relational database system. Elicited requirements, managed accounts, and sales, and delivered networked products. Applications included preventative maintenance, public works, e-commerce and graphics.
  • Bertelsmann/Direct Brands: Elicited business requirements, wrote technical documents and implemented search engine to index over 1 million internal documents. Created workflow diagrams, and wrote critical compliance documentation including SDLC’s, PCI documents, etc.
  • L’Oreal: Reverse engineered marketing database to generate the functional requirements documentation and user manuals.
  • Sikorsky Helicopters: Analyzed products data to map into new system, then created process diagrams using Visio as well as business requirements documentation. Participated in meetings to gather all functional requirements. Worked on specifying via documentation the E-commerce GUI design for selling parts and maintenance. The client got the contract and I provided additional services.
  • Municipalnets Software: Developed FileMaker solutions, set up test scripts, corrected new coding discrepancies and set up a new SAAS pricing structure, which allowed the business to retain clients on the server and continuously update their software on line. This resulted in a 50% increase in revenues making the program competitive with major players.
  • NYC Department of Probation: Implemented a standard format for business requirements documentation that allowed traceability with Rational Rose. Improved interviewing techniques and language of BRDs. This allowed the business side to understand the requirements before passing these to the developers.
  • Bank of America: Reviewed requirements documents and existing Java code to extract functionality. Wrote required documents and prepared a functionality overview of a Java framework. Presented the contents in Sharepoint. (Underwent Sharepoint and Six Sigma Training).
  • OpenLink: Created several step by step coding examples, and showed users that this toolkit required only the most basic C coding functionality, which was shown in all examples and even non coders could learn how to use this. The training guide was implemented.

Prior to 2002

  • Seabury Capital, LLC (Insurance): Functional specifications of risk management software..
  • JP Morgan Chase Manhattan (Financial): Marketing materials promoting the Chase Intranet site.
  • com (Web Portal): Intranet website run books, SDLC implementation.
  • Market Axess (Financial): Bonds investor and dealer operating manuals .
  • com (Health Insurance Industry Application): Installation and configuration manual.
  • Sun Microsystems (Web Portal): Architecture design of a major Website (
  • Sempra Energy Trading (Energy Trading): Training programs for options trading system.
  • Deloitte & Touche (Financial): Internal help desk procedures and support manual.
  • ClientSoft Inc. (Software Developer): QA testing programs and created sample code.
  • Ernst & Young: HR Performance Management System training for 5000 employees